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COULAUX-MARICOT-GEORGANTA (CMG & ASSOCIES), Selarl located 25 rue Saint Ferdinand, 75017 Paris, France (Registration number 487 732 596, T. +33 158 052 040, F. +33 158 052 041, cmg@cmglegal.net. Managing partners: Stephane COULAUX, Valerie MARICOT, avocats admitted to the Bar of Paris, and Paraskevi GEORGANTA, admitted to the Bar of Paris and Athens.

Director of publication: Stephane COULAUX

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1.5. Users may take short quotes from the site as examples, insofar as the source of such quotes is clearly specified and includes the origin of the document, with a visible acknowledgement - “Source: website of COULAUX-MARICOT-GEORGANTA (CMG & ASSOCIÉS) Avocats at the Paris Bar”; the title of the document or page quoted; the author’s name if known; the document date if known.

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2. Use of the site

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